A Powerful DDoS protected network

~4 Tbit/s Global Network

We prioritize availability.

Utilizing CosmicGuard powering the backbone to our network and bundled with our tailored network setups, we provide special anti-DDoS Protection for all types of servers.

Tailored networks

We build a powerful network.

With our technical skills, network abilities, and sets of tools, we're determined to build the perfect products for our users.
Teamed with Cosmic Global, we bundle our in-house filters and algorithms with theirs to ensure:

  • 1-5s Guaranteed TTM
  • Layer 3/4 Protection
  • Full Layer 7 Protection
  • Firewall Algorithms
  • Anycasted Network
  • No False Positives

We are here to listen, to build relationships, and to improve.
6 Locations
Bundled with anycast routing, ensure all attacks will be mitigated across the several locations.
Packets/s we can mitigate backed by our global capacity.