Service Level Agreement

Our primary philosophy here is customer satisfaction. When, for whatever reason, we fail, we risk losing our customers, ratings, and your support. That's why we created this SLA, you, as a customer, can be assured that when our services go offline, you will be compensated.
(Last Updated: 11/12/2022)

Uptime Guarantee

BerryByte Limited guarantees uptime of 99.9% across the services we provide. In the case we're unable to uphold our guarantee which is solely determined by us, we offer compensation to our users and clients via credit. We will go through your SLA claim and compensate you accordingly, however we reserve the right to deny claims.

SLA Credits

To claim compensation of downtime or any outages, the following criteria must be followed:

In the case of an outage, BerryByte clients may claim a 2.5% credit for every 30 minutes of the monthly service's invoice back without exceeding 30% of the monthly invoice value.

For every hour after the 12th hour of the downtime, clients may receive another 2.5% credit without exceeding 50% of the monthly invoice value.

Open a support ticket under the Claiming SLA department within 48-hours post the downtime being resolved. Credit is applied directly to the account and may not be redeemable or refundable for any currency.