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Why host a Enshrouded server with Berry?Hosting your own Enshrouded game server should be easy. So easy, that you can instantly launch & start playing on your Enshrouded server in minutes without the complex technical know-how and command-line expertise.BerryByte uses powerful high-performance enterprise hardware ensuring your Enshrouded server runs lag-free 24/7. Need some convincing or help? Check out our reviews on our Trustpilot or shoot us a message and our support team will reply ASAP.We'll take care of migrating your files from your old host for you! Once you order, your Enshrouded server's login info to our easy-to-use game control panel is sent via email. Launch your server today with the best Enshrouded game server host today!
enshrouded multiplayer voxel-based building
enshrouded game server fighting against enemies in multiplayer host
What is the game Enshrouded?Enshrouded, developed by Keen Games, is an open-world action RPG game where you must explore, fight, build, & survive. Starting with nothing, Enshrouded is a game of survival, crafting epic weapons and armor, and combat to fight against the Scavengers, Vukahs, and Fell creatures. Upgrade and unlock new abilities with the in-game skill tree system to survive the Shroud.Journey through the various environments the game has to offer, like forests, caves, dungeons, with the aim of finding treasure or unlocking secrets. Build strength to defeat the Shroud. With BerryByte's game server hosting for Enshrouded, the game's multiplayer mode allows players to collab & compete with voxel-based building and surviving within this RPG world. Craft, strategrize, combat in Enshrouded perfect for fans of the action combat RPG genre.
Six global low-latency locations
United StatesDallas, Texas (Central USA)
United StatesSeattle, Washington (West USA)
United StatesAshburn, Virginia (East USA)
United StatesLondon, United Kingdom (EU)
United StatesFalkenstein, Germany (EU)
United StatesAmsterdam, Netherlands (EU)
BerryByte Server Locations
Starting a multiplayer Enshrouded server is simple! Once you select a plan and order, we'll email you login details to our game control panel where you can start the server and instantly start playing. We've made it easy-peasy!
We've simplified it to single click of a button! Restart your server from the game panel and the server will automatically be updated for you.
Low latency is a priority for gamers, which is why we offer several worldwide locations: Dallas, Texas (Central US), Ashburn, Virginia (East US), Los Angeles, California (West US), London (UK), and Germany (EU)
Absolutely! You can upgrade and downgrade plans at any time with a few click of a button from the client area.
If you're looking for the best Enshrouded server hosting provider, give BerryByte a try. We offer high-performance hardware, online 24/7, and instant setup. Launch your Enshrouded dedicated server today and get started within minutes!
According to Enshrouded's wiki, 8GB-16GB is the recommended amount of RAM for your Enshrouded server.