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Launch and play on your own Minecraft server within minutes!
Latest Ryzen CPUsRyzen 9 5950X or equivalent chips pushing performance to the max.
Java & BedrockSwitch between server software and server version at any time.
Worldwide LocationsLaunch your server closest to your players. Switch location any time.
Create Multiple ServersUse 'Slices' to create multiple servers under a single plan.
Latest Ryzen CPUsTo make sure your server runs lag-free 24/7, we solely use high-performance enterprise hardware curated specifically for game servers, like the Ryzen 9 5950X (or equivalent). High clock speeds, fast single core performance; you expect the best and we deliver.
Java & BedrockSelect any server software you like! You can choose between Vanilla Java, Vanilla Bedrock, PaperMC, Spigot, Fabric, Forge, or upload your own server JAR! Switch between the software at any time directly from our game control panel. You can also change the version of your Minecraft server too! We support ALL Minecraft versions.
Worldwide LocationsLow ping is a priority when playing on multiplayer servers. That's why we offer various worldwide locations to launch your Minecraft server closest to your players! Pick between Washington, Texas, Virginia, London, and Germany. We're constantly adding more locations!
Server SlicesBuilding a public Minecraft network? Utilize our Slices feature to "slice" your plan into smaller servers. Perfect for when you want to run a lobby, proxy server, main servers, etc - all without having to purchase multiple plans. One server, infinite possibilities.
4GB Plan
2 vCores
Automatic Backups
Perfect for small servers.
Launch 4GB
8GB Plan
4 vCores
Automatic Backups
Perfect for modded / plugin servers.
Launch 8GB
12GB Plan
6 vCores
Automatic Backups
Perfect for bigger modpacks or servers.
Launch 12GB
16GB Plan
8 vCores
Backups Incl.
Perfect for lots of mods/plugins or lots of players.
32GB Plan
12 vCores
Backups Incl.
Curated for the largest servers.

Need something larger or custom?

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Includes everything you should expect:
Files & settings access
Fast & friendly support
Upgrade at anytime
Instant server setup
Online around the clock
48-hour refund policy
Free & easy server migrationSwitching from another host? Don't worry, we've got you. We'll migrate your server and have it up and running within minutes free of charge!
Shoot us a MessagePurchased a server & ready to migrate? Open a ticket and we'll get it started!
Moving FilesCreate an archive (.zip or similar) of your files, and migrate it via SFTP.
Unarchive & Start ServerUploaded the archive to the panel? Unpack it, start the server, and voilà!
Why host a Minecraft server with Berry?Hosting your own Minecraft server should be easy. So easy, that you can instantly start playing on your Minecraft server within minutes of placing an order without the complex technical know-how and command-line expertise. With BerryByte, it really is that easy!BerryByte uses powerful high-performance enterprise hardware ensuring your Minecraft game server runs lag-free 24/7. Need some convincing or help? Check out our reviews on Trustpilot or shoot us a message and our friendly & quick support team will reply back ASAP!We'll take care of migrating your files from your old host for you! Once you order, your Minecraft server's login info to our easy-to-use game control panel is sent via email. Launch your server today with the best Minecraft server host today!
best minecraft server host
Six global low-latency locations
United StatesDallas, Texas (Central USA)
United StatesLiberty Lake, Washington (West USA)
United StatesAshburn, Virginia (East USA)
United StatesLondon, United Kingdom (EU)
United StatesFalkenstein, Germany (EU)
United StatesAmsterdam, Netherlands (EU)
BerryByte Server Locations
Need something larger? Have questions?Launch your Minecraft server on any one of our worldwide locations with high-performance hardware. If you run into any issues, shoot us a message and we promise to work till it's fixed!Have a chat