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Launch & play multiplayer on your own Valheim game server!
Hildir Plan
2 vCores
Backups Incl.
Up to 4 players recommended
Odin Plan
3 vCores
Backups Incl.
Up to 10 players recommended

You can switch between

 different games 

at any time!

Includes everything you should expect:
Files & settings access
Fast & friendly support
Upgrade at anytime
Instant server setup
Online around the clock
48-hour refund policy
Free & easy server migrationSwitching from another host? Don't worry, we've got you. We'll migrate your server and have it up and running within minutes free of charge!
Shoot us a MessagePurchased a server & ready to migrate? Open a ticket and we'll get it started!
Moving FilesCreate an archive (.zip or similar) of your files, and migrate it via SFTP.
Unarchive & Start ServerUploaded the archive to the panel? Unpack it, start the server, and voilà!
Why host Valheim server with Berry?Hosting your own Valheim game server should be easy. So easy, that you can instantly launch & start playing on your Valheim server in minutes without the complex technical know-how and command-line expertise. With BerryByte, it's easy peasy!BerryByte uses powerful high-performace enterprise hardware ensuring your Valheim server runs lag-free 24/7. Need some convincing or help? Check out our reviews on our Trustpilot or shoot us a message and our friendly support team will reply back ASAP.We'll take care of migrating your files from your old host for you! Once you order, your Valheim server's login info to our easy-to-use game control panel is sent via email. Launch your server today with the best Valheim game server host today!
Valheim multiplayer hosting
Valheim game server
What is the game Valheim?Valheim is an immersive and captivating survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio. Set in a procedurally generated world inspired by Norse mythology, players assume the role of a fallen Viking warrior tasked with proving their worth to the gods. In this unforgiving realm, players must gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and build formidable strongholds to survive the harsh wilderness and its hostile inhabitants.With its stunning visuals, dynamic weather systems, and intricate crafting mechanics, Valheim offers an unparalleled adventure for solo players or multiplayer co-ops. With BerryByte's server hosting for Valheim, you can battle mythical beasts, sail across treacherous seas, or explore vast worlds in this Norse mythology-inspired survival game in multiplayer with friends or co-op. Players will embark on an epic journey of exploration and conquest in the mystical realm of Valheim.
Need something larger? Have questions?Launch your Valheim dedicated server on any one of our worldwide locations paired with high-performance hardware. If you run into any issues, shoot us a message and we promise to work till it's fixed!Have a chat